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Twenty one, and done

Message 1995 – 2016

I'm proud to have been the founder of possibly the longest-running web development agency in Brighton, which ran continuously from February 1995 to May 2016.

I’m proud that we helped Rapha, in the first ten years of its existence, to go from start-up to £25m turnover on my watch as information architect and user experience designer alongside their talented creative director.

I’m proud that we created Mothership, a powerful e-commerce and EPOS platform, open sourced in March 2015, which now powers several indie retailers and turns over hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I’m grateful to the people who made Message what it was. Jo, Tobie, Andy, Tricia, Mark, Joe, Danny, Melita, Lynda, Adam, Ben, James, Richard, Lara, Ben, Laura, Laurence, Thomas, Eleanor, Iris, Rosie, Aisling, Grace, Stevie of course and probably several people I’ve left out.

And of course I am immensely grateful to the clients who, over the course of many thousands of projects, wrote the history of Message on their web sites, their web applications, their brand identities and their businesses. Thank you.

Right. I’m off to do the next thing.

Jamie Freeman

PS: if you're looking for the Message website, it's here.