5 Ways Integrated EPOS Can Improve Your Online Sales

Written by Jamie Freeman

We took the opportunity to look back over a year at Union Music Store since they started using our combined web-and-EPOS system, Mothership. The surprising thing was not the benefits of EPOS in the shop – we expected to see that – but how much it has affected their website sales. Here’s what co-founder Stevie had to say:

1. We only have to manage one system

“Before we had Mothership EPOS we simply didn’t put all our products online; it was too much work. Also, we don’t have to remember to log on and update stock levels every time things sell in the shop. We used to have to do that manually and mistakes would get made or we’d forget, or just be too busy.”

2. Stock is always up to date

“Keeping our old e-commerce site updated was a nightmare and we didn't sell much at all. On the odd occasion something did sell online we’d often find that it was out of stock… The item had sold in the shop and hadn’t been updated on the website!”

3. We have a bigger presence online

“Now that our entire stock is available on the website we have a far bigger online presence. Those 2,364 stock items mean we have 2,364 pages for Google to get it’s teeth into!”

4. Our customers have more choice

“People really need to see a good selection to choose from, otherwise they feel they might not be making the right decision. Because our whole range is now available online as well as in the shop our customers now feel much more comfortable buying from us.”

5. Our in-store customers can transition online

“Our shop regulars have a natural progression to the website because they can see their in-store shopping history right alongside their web purchases. They can also split gift vouchers, spending some in the shop and some online.”

If you’d like to find out more about integrating your online operation with your bricks-and-mortar store, please get in touch.


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