A card-sort skeleton

Written by Jamie Freeman

We carried out a card-sort last week as part of the planning process for a new website project. In a card-sort you write down all sorts of different bits of content and pages etc., then shuffle them together into logical groupings. It's an Information Architecture exercise.

Anyway, we used post-it notes as usual, but did it on the white board, which I don't normally do... It wasn't great, the surface isn't sticky enough and they kept falling off!

Anyway, when we were happy with a particular version I drew lines around the areas to make it clearer to us. The next day, when we needed the white board again, I removed all the post-its, revealing the skeleton of the content. I guess it's Information Architecture without the Information! I thought it looked cool, and intriguing, so I thought I'd share it; see below.

Outlines on a whiteboard showing the areas of content in a website without any headings or other context


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