A new e-commerce platform enters the fray

Written by Jamie Freeman

Many years ago we started working with a start-up cycle brand with big hopes. Ten years later they were turning over tens of millions of pounds through the website and systems we built and their clothing adorned the winner of the Tour De France. We'd both come a long way.

Two years ago we set about distilling all that experience and knowledge into an entirely new e-commerce platform, Mothership. Our design criteria were that it would be modern, modular, highly usable, and containing zero legacy code.

We achieved those aims and more, and have already built several successful sites on Mothership throughout the development process. Now we've taken the biggest step of all: we've released it to the open source community.

This means that Mothership, containing over a decade's worth of experience and almost two years of hard work from a large group of people, is now entirely free to use. You can download it, develop it, use it for virtually any purpose - entirely free of charge.

The song says "if you love somebody, set them free". Well, we love Mothership - it's been central to all our work over the years - and we have quite literally set it free.

We hope you do something amazing with it.



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