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Written by Jamie Freeman

There's only so long a window-cleaner can drive round in a dirty van before people start saying "he can't even keep his van clean, why would I let him loose on my windows?"

Such is the life of a web design company. Our own site has always taken a back-seat with client work naturally getting priority. But, at last, we're redesigning our website. Yes, we know, about bloody time!

The current site was designed in a hurry, with our 15th anniversary looming. Joe and I basically put it together in about eight days, start-to-finish, design, content, CMS and all It's fair to say not a huge amount of regard was paid to the usual project processes we ensure our clients' projects follow!

This time we're taken a more measured approach. We're following our own project processes this time, and the results are already promising because of it. We're still working to a deadline, but a realistic one.

The Information Architecture (IA) is done, site map and wireframes too. Our content strategy is clear and we've made good progress on the writing already. This has fed into the visual design process really nicely, with the content in the driving seat - right where it should be. Designs are at an advanced stage, and as of this morning the CMS is being deployed. There's a way to go of course, but we're well on our way.

It's been good to subject ourselves to the process actually, as it has helped remind us what a big undertaking this is for our clients. Even when you live and breathe web development, rebuilding your company site from the ground up raises swathes of questions you didn't even know needed asking. And you need to answer them now.

As I'm finally following this invaluable piece of advice (I got way back before starting Message in 1995) I feel more justified in passing it on to you...

Always keep your van clean!


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