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Yesterday was Bikenic day at Message! Jamie came up with the idea of having a work day out where we would cycle from Hove lawns to Rottingdean and have a picnic on the beach. Stevie, Jamie's fiance came up with the name bikenic and what a great bikenic it was :-)

It was a beautiful day and not a cloud in sight. We all brought something for the picnic and I decided to make cheesecake. It was only when I was leaving the house with it in the morning that I realised it was going to be tricky getting it to the beach in one piece. I strapped it to the back of the bike I was riding (Jamie's fold up bike, thanks J!) and we met at the cafe on Hove lawns at the Peace statue and set off just before 11:00.

Stevie has to win for the most stylish cyclist, she was riding a beautiful vintage bike with a basket on the front for our picnic goodies and had a little pink top hat on. Saying that, Jamie also looked like a classic cyclist with his vintage cycling top, cap and sun glasses, also sporting a vintage bike.

We had a casual cycle along the sea front (avoiding any hills) through the marina and along the bottom of the cliffs to Rottingdean. The sun was beaming and the breeze was cooling. There were some very close calls with a few unsuspecting message members with descending barriers and other hazards but all near misses and we laughed about them as we continued on our seaside journey.

After a relaxed 45 minutes we arrived at Rottingdean and the weather was glorious. Despite the lumps and bumps along the journey the cheesecake arrived safe and sound and in one delicious piece! We all brought some scrummy food to munch on (we had enough to feed the 5,000) along with some cheeky pink champagne provided by Jamie and Stevie... even if most of it went on the picnic rug and was hoovered up by Jamie :-) Waste not want not! Some of us had a little paddle in the sea and a clamber up some rocks before heading back on our cycle trip Hove bound.

We got back in just under 40 minutes, with sore bums, and pink skin but having had a very enjoyable bikenic. Final thought: Bikenic rules!


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