Bikenic is here!

Written by Jamie Freeman

If you phone tomorrow, don't expect a swift response. We'll be on our works day out, cycling along the seafront to picnic at Rottingdean.

Note to burglars

Our offices are shared with other companies so please don't view this as an invitation to come looking for computer goodies!

The Bicycle Picnic

OK, it was my idea. I had this notion that we were all cyclists and that a gentle ride along the front would be perfect. It slowly dawned on me that actually, I'm the only cyclist! General panic about the cobwebbed, punctured state of people's bikes ensued.

The picnic side of things was always looking popular though, so bike maintenance and/or borrowing got underway. We're ready to roll. And eat.

Dress code

There isn't one. But, since you ask, Melita and my fiance Stevie seem to be cooking something up. Their primary concern seems to be to cycle as slowly as possible, so I'm picturing 17th century wigs, heels and dresses, but I could be wrong.

Me, I'll be looking like a pedalling advertisement for Rapha, from my tweed cap, via a classic merino jersey, through to cycling plus-fours. My bike du jour will be a battered blue racer from 1974 by the one and only Condor in London. Just imagine a schoolboy during the Battle of Britain; that kind of look.

Bike Week

The idea happened to coincide nicely with Bike Week, a series of events designed to promote cycling in general. There are lots of things going on in Brighton, so I'm glad Message are taking part too.

Sorry there's no-one to man the phones, but I dare say you can catch us on Twitter during the day ;-)


  • Melita -

    Too hot for wigs! But dresses, sunhats and heels are a must for a leisurely cycle along the seafront ; )

  • stevie -

    Your imagination is in a different era to our dress code chitterchat! but yes, slow cycling is on the agenda! :-)

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