Birthday treat!

Written by Jamie Freeman

I arrived very late in the office today, as it's my birthday.

During breakfast at Bills in Lewes with friends and family, Bill himself sent over a bottle of Breaky Bottom champagne. I don't drink, but I know people who do so that won't go to waste! Thanks Bill.

When I finally rolled in to the office I was greeted by a cake, replete with candles, home-baked and iced by our intern Lara. Such a generous surprise! And only four candles... clearly going for the full compliment would have been a serious fire hazard ;-)

The folks at Message also got me a very nice letterpress print bearing the message 'Simple is beautiful'. It will sit very nicely upstairs in the meeting room alongside some letterpress prints I got in Nashville last year, so Joe (who found it) obviously knows my taste.

Danny raised the biggest laugh for me by adding a stoopid party hat to my profile picture. The day that picture was taken I was knackered and in a bad mood, so the party hat couldn't look more incongruous!

All in all everyone treated me extremely kindly and I'm very touched to have such great colleagues; thanks gang.


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