Growing team

Written by Jamie Freeman

I'm so chuffed to be able to welcome another great asset to our growing team here at Message, as our intern Lara is about to become a full-time production assistant.

Just a few days ago we appointed Anna Debenham as our new front end developer, and it was only a few months ago that Danny joined us as assistant developer... things are growing a-pace!

It's a fantastic team we have here, and everyone's a real pleasure to work with; coming in to work in the mornings just feels great. I'm a very lucky boss.


  • Jamie Freeman -

    Addendum: I should have mentioned that provided our intern, so big thanks to them.

  • Jan -

    Just been looking at you site Jamie, especially at how you have taken on more staff. Great to know Jo H is still with you, he was always a great talent and a perfectionist. I would like to share this with a current class of mine if that's okay with you.

    wish you all the best in business.


  • Jamie Freeman -

    Hey Jan, great to hear from you.

    Joe is a star, I'm eternally grateful you introduced us for work experience all those years ago! Maybe Joe could come and have a chat with your current IT group? Give me a shout via email if you think that would be interesting for your students.

    All the best :-)

  • Lara Jane Sheldrake -

    I like this a lot! :-) I am really looking forward to being an official member of the team and couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to work with!

    Thanks for having me!

    And welcome Anna! :-)


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