Jamie Freeman

Founding Director

I am an e-commerce consultant with over 15 years experience. In the first ten years of its existence, web phenomenon Rapha.cc went from start-up to £25m turnover under my watchful eye as chief information architect and user experience designer. I'm proud to be the the founder of possibly the longest-running web development agency in Brighton's 'Silicon Beach'.

As the chief architect of Mothership I have lead the creation of a powerful e-commerce and EPOS platform, open sourced in March 2015, which put all that Rapha (and Oi Polloi and others) experience into a modern, modular application with zero legacy code.

I started Message with a borrowed suit and a £1,500 bank loan in February of 1995. I'd just finished a stint as Tower Records' Creative Manager, writing and designing over £2m worth of advertising in one year with one staff member.

Prior to that I'd worked as a freelance graphic designer, churning out countless direct mail packs, thus helping with the burgeoning recycling industry. The Internet was not exactly mainstream, and the web was still being broken out of it's packaging in 1995. I couldn't wait.

So my background is graphics, but mostly I do a whole range of things that all add up to being the Director of a web design development agency; I get to know the businesses we work with, I come up with ideas, design systems, workshop user experiences, oversee wireframes, write proposals, consult with clients… And if I've been very good I still get to do some graphic design!

Luckily, one of my strengths seems to be in hiring great people, so my weaknesses are made up for by the fantastic team that makes Message what it is.

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