Luddites Unite!

Written by Jamie Freeman

Last year, while visiting friends in Nashville, I stopped by a wonderful destination for any designer; Hatch Show Print on Broadway.

I could have stayed in that musty old letterpress print shop all day, such were the treasures. I came away with a bag full of stuff, but my favourite purchase was a postcard, boldly declaring in worn wooden hand-cut font, the words 'Luddites unite!'

We were starting to plan the new office (launched at our 15th anniversary party in February) and I thought this print would make a great ironic cry for a website company in swish, white, modern new offices. Especially if it was mounted in the most extravagant gold rococo frame I could find!

Back in blighty (Lewes, you don't get much more 'blighty' than that!) I had it framed, and I think it looks fantastic:


Another card I picked up declared 'Cooper Black is for Lovers'. What I like about this one is it's really for typography nerds; most people wouldn't even know it was a typeface. So, given that only nerds would appreciate it I decided to mount it really, really badly. Ner nerny ner ner!

Keep It Stupid, Simple

The latest addition to this small (but growing) collection of ironical wall art is a present from the fine folks here at Message. They bought me this letterpress print for my birthday, and I just happened to have a spare gold frame lying around which fitted perfectly. I would really prefer a more fancy, over-the-top frame one day, but the Luddites Unite one set me back well over ?100 so I'll get by for now. Again, I like the mismatching of the sentiment to the setting, a simple message communicated in a complex manner.

Well, it makes me laugh anyway...


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