Masters of our own domain

Written by Jamie Freeman

Seventeen and a half years ago, upon founding Message, we tried to purchase the domain name It was owned by Motorola and they weren't selling as they had a product of the same name. So we went after

It had been owned by an insolvent company whose assets had reverted to the Inland Revenue, and they didn't even know what a domain name was back then! This is 1995 remember, and the web is only beginning to scratch at the door of the collective conscience.

Years pass...

The domain name came up for auction at one point, but we missed it. Damn those automated systems! More years went by, and thankfully this time the owner approached us direct to make us an offer. We came to terms, and now the domain name is finally ours - a mere seventeen years after our first attempt!

We'll be designing a new website soon, but in the mean time we couldn't resist getting the new domain set up by our excellent hosting and IT partner Wessex Networks.

You can still use the old (and far less cool) domain of, but from now on, we are finally :-)

What's in a name?

Why does it even matter? That's the $64,000 question. (We didn't pay quite that much for it, dont worry!). Well, it is admittedly a subtle difference, but we felt it was important.

For starters it removes the regular confusion when telling people our email addresses (I say "message dot uk dot com" but you hear "message dot co dot uk").

It seemed to imply Message had arrived late to the party, and was all we could get. In fact, we're probably the longest established web agency in Brighton. We asked ourselves 'how do we want to be known for the next 18 years?' In that light the answer was simple:

It's not just us...

The mighty Apple only just took control of this summer.


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