Message to create new Oi Polloi website

Written by Jamie Freeman

Oi Polloi logo with two magpies

I have literally never been so excited about a new client, but Oi Polloi are such a great fit for Message that I can't quite contain myself!

We've been commissioned to re-build their site in order to bring about functional and user experience enhancements to this well-established online (and offline) Manchester-based business. We'll also be building them a fully integrated EPOS system to complement our e-commerce platform. (They have a flagship store in Manchester and another on the way.)

Their branding is already excellent, so we'll have a superb visual look to work with. Their marketing, social networking and general 'getting it right' factor is extremely good, so we know we'll learn a lot from working with them.

And as for the products, well, what clothes I don't already buy from Rapha I imagine I'll be getting from Oi Polloi!

You're likely to see the fruits of our new collaboration pretty soon, we'll keep you posted. But for now - HOORAY!


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