Message turns 15!

Written by Joe Holdcroft

I'm standing in Message's brand new refurbished meeting room chatting with a freelancer we were working with over the busy Christmas period about the merits of real butter, as opposed to that olive spread stuff that somewhat resembles butter from an actual cow. Whilst taking a sip from a large glass of red wine, Jamie's stepdad leans over and offers said freelancer a dance.

Not all days in the office are like this, we were actually hosting a 15th birthday party for the company! We got in booze, music and a bucketload of awesome people to celebrate 14 years of successful business (and one year of playing Marathon over LAN). The party also marked the launch of our brand new website, logo and branding, exciting times!

We used SurveySoGood to hold a survey during the party. Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • 27% of attendees wanted to marry our new logo, another 31% liked it a lot!
  • 29% of attendees can't remember having more fun than at our party.
  • 36% of attendees were planning to head to the Palace Pier afterwards for more booze and a punch up! (sorry, Sussex Police)

Here are some more highlights from the survey:

  • "The impressive launch party says it all, AMAZING Jamie + team....good work! Congrats on the new site and re-brand, here's to the future Message!"
  • "Funky offices, I'm jealous.. I'm not allowed a Mac."
  • "Thank you for a very nice time - it was too too divine!"
  • "You guys are so cool logo is more modern and colourful"
  • "May I stay here for ever - writing words in this clean white room?"

..what a great crowd!

Also, if you look over to the right, you'll see the whiteboard in the meeting room which was kindly defaced by our guests with lovely comments! We haven't tried to wipe it clean yet because we're scared somebody may have used a Sharpie by mistake.

If you picked up a Message T-Shirt during the party, we'd just love it if you sent us a picture of you wearing it. If you did grab one and don't mind taking a picture, please either email one over or add it to our new Facebook fan page .

Here's to another 15!


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