Power of ten

Written by Jamie Freeman

Today we became a company of 10 people! The last few years have seen pretty significant growth at Message but I thought this new milestone shouldn't go un-marked.

A fortnight ago we took on our fourth back-end developer, and today our fifth joins the team. Along with our dedicated front-end designer/developer we now have a six-strong dev' team supported by four of us on the project and business side of things. Ten of us.

In addition to simply being able to support our clients better this increased capacity allows us to continue development of our e-commerce platform, Mothership - the engine that drives many millions of pounds-worth of business online.

Our new offices (they still feel 'new' even though we moved in about 10 months ago!) give us plenty of room to grow, and grow we continue to do. It's a pretty exciting time here and I can't wait to see how the next period unfolds. For now, I'm raising a glass* to this milestone in Message's long journey.

*Actually, it's a cup. Of tea.


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