Ready for Christmas?

Written by Melita Ogden

Christmas is coming - is your e-commerce site ready for it?

With last year seeing a 19.2 % increase in online Christmas sales (from 2012) and the festive season fast approaching, are you ready to make the most of the Christmas shopping season?

A focus on new and existing customers during October and November can help you develop your customer relationships with offers and deals. Here's a stocking-full* of ideas to make sure your site makes the most of the traditionally high-spending holiday period.

*Sorry about the puns, but you might as well get used to it!

Gifting - Make sure you have Gifting options in place - Gift Wrapping and Gift Vouchers are all great sales tools.

E-Vouchers - As the deadline for postage approaches you can suggest E-Vouchers to shoppers who are visiting late and needing present ideas.

Daily Offers - An advent calendar approach to Christmas shopping with a deal-a-day for December promoted carefully on your homepage can attract people more regularly to your site.

One of our menswear clients opted for a 12 days of Xmas approach last year to great effect - recommending a different product or look each day leading up to the final dispatch day. Often customers respond well to being given a whole look rather than individual products so cross sell, deck out or a look book can work well.

Free Delivery - A very effective way to attract users to the site in the lead up to Christmas. A well timed email throughout the month offering 24 hours free delivery can have a dramatic effect on sales, and you can always qualify the offer based on total basket value.

Stocking Fillers - Putting lower priced items within the gift bracket on your homepage is a good starting point for a shopper looking to get stocking fillers. Ties, bags, socks and other accessories are often buried within the site. Moving them up the homepage can generate impulse purchases and well thought out cross sells can lead people to make larger purchases while they are on your site - increasing that all-important Average Order Value (AOV).

Flexible or Extended Returns - Returns policies are often the deciding factor in purchasing decisions, particularly where gifting is concerned. Display your policy clearly and make sure people know they can gift from you. Make it as generous and open as you can. 'Tis the season for goodwill after all.

Make sure your mobile site is up to scratch - An massive and increasing number of sales are now being made via mobile devices. A site we recently launched saw over 50% of it’s first day sales coming from mobile! Any attention you can pay to your mobile site before Christmas is money well spent.

And finally…

Don't leave it too late! Christmas will be here before you know it. While you might feel that hanging the decorations in October is a bit much you can't afford to miss out on the most lucrative time in the retail calendar. Good luck, and merry Christmas!

Our e-commerce and retail platform Mothership has all of the above functionality and much more built in and is easily customisable allowing our clients to easily extend their reach as and when their budget allows.


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