Real Stars Are Rare

Real Stars Are Rare

Real Stars Are Rare is the clothing brand by Paul Weller and Phil Bickley, which launched in 2014 with a small but considered range of well designed garments made from quality materials.

The primary outlet is online through the website built on Mothership, also available in-store at Tonic.

Message worked closely with the team on all aspects the process, offering expertise and experience in setting up a smooth e-commerce operation. As well as consulting on the more usual aspects of e-commerce, we also lent our considerable experience working with start-ups to the operation, helping out with all aspects of running an online business: fulfilment, packaging, couriers, customer service considerations… even where to buy suitable paper and stickers for shipping documents and labels!

Real Stars Are Rare website homepage Above: The Real Stars Are Rare updated homepage, with cleaner feel and new photography.

The website design took its cue from the logo and other visual assets already created, and was developed to provide a browsing and shopping experience that perfectly reflects the Real Stars Are Rare brand.

The user experience is enhanced by a 'responsive' site design, which seamlessly adapts to the size of the browser window, giving an optimal layout regardless of the device you're using. Every device, from a desktop computer or laptop to an iPad or smartphone, is perfectly catered to.

We took particular care to ensure an excellent mobile experience, which includes small-screen-specific layouts and swipe behaviours to make it even easier to get around with just a thumb!

This attention to mobile users paid off on day one, with over 50% of launch-day sales originating from mobile devices.

The entire site runs within https to add security to the entire shopping experience. Not only is this generally good practice (which all our new Mothership -based sites adopt) but Google actively ranks such sites higher in search results.

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