Screen burn

Written by Jamie Freeman

I looked down at my desk today and realised I had maybe gone a little bit far...

My usual MacBook Pro is connected to a 24" Apple monitor. There's always an iPhone sitting there too. And now, with an iPad, it suddenly seemed just a little bit over the top!

The big monitor is for proper work. The laptop screen usually houses iTunes, my calendar and so on. The iPad was on duty as a multi-channel Twitter feed (Twitterific is my weapon of choice) and the iPhone was keeping me in constant touch with my private life...

So far, so retina-burning!

It's not exactly Kennedy with a bank of televisions, but it is a lot of information coming at me... Maybe it's a bit much. But I do love the iPad and it seems a shame to leave it out of the fun. Perhaps I'll get a second monitor for it ;-)


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