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It was a crisp and quiet morning as I walked to work along the seafront, only the slush of car wheels could be heard as the streets and beach were covered white. It's funny how a bit of snow can bring everything to a stand still... even local shops were closed which made me wonder "Did the owners really live that far away?"

pic of beach

Last night the heavens finally opened and graced us with the long awaited "dump" of snow we have all been waiting for since temperatures dropped to below -4 on the South East coast, in Brighton and Hove. We have had up to six inches of snow in Hove and for half of the team at Message who live out of Brighton it has been a "snow" day where they were able to work remotely from home. The clever dev team set up a remote system so that work could carry on as normal if the inevitable snowfall was to effect the transport. For the rest of the team who live in Brighton it was a hop, skip and a slide to work where we have been working alongside our other members in spirit.

pic of Hove

Those of us who made it to work have managed to have a productive day of work and play. We took a little walk to the beach where we made snow angels in the park, threw snowballs at each other on the beach and got a few pretty snaps to mark the occasion. On our walk home we were treated by Joe to the most delicious and indulgent hot chocolate we have ever had from Shaake on Western Road, if you haven't been, you must! The drinks are made from real chocolate. :D

Pic of Lara

Pic of Anna

Pic of Joe


  • Danny Hannah -

    I'm actually really jealous that I couldn't make it in today! :-(

  • Chris -

    Sounds like a perfect snowey day. Wish I had been there. What do the seagulls do when its cold? Stay wrapped up !

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