Stripe; an update

Written by Melita Ogden

Here at Message we’ve been working with payment provider Stripe for some time, and we blogged last year predicting a greater uptake of Stripe amongst retailers.

With Stripe’s superior user experience we saw the likelihood of fewer abandoned carts at checkout and this seems to have been borne out by our clients and potential clients who are reporting increased conversion rates since moving to the not so new kid on the block.

There are several reasons why we are now recommending Stripe to our clients:

  • Improved checkout look and feel - Stripe allows us to carry our design for client sites right through the process. Our front end designers are not limited by the restricting templates from providers such as SagePay. With Stripe the payment page really is an integral part of the site.
  • Improved Conversation Rates - as we predicted last year clients are reporting improved conversion rates since their move to Stripe.
  • No Merchant Account required - from a business perspective this is good news. Stripe compares favourably to other providers in terms of cost - it’s not a lot more expensive and yet your business can dispense with separate merchant account. For those who trade in multiple currencies the savings are even greater as you would generally need a separate merchant account for each. The money just goes into your bank account, it’s far simpler.


Nobody’s perfect and Stripe is no exception. The main drawback of Stripe currently is it’s inability to integrate with Paypal. Some of our clients have been put off but not being able to offer PayPal to their clients, short of creating a completely separate payment path. Irrespective of your views on Paypal’s user experience there is clear evidence that offering PayPal can improve conversion rates significantly. It’s influence cannot be ignored.

On that basis we are working in partnership with the open source e-commerce platform Mothership to ensure that the two systems can more effectively work together. Watch this space.


  • James Moss -

    You might like to take a look at Braintree; very similar offering to Stripe but they offer a really simple Paypal integration (since they got bought by them 18 months ago)

  • Laura Emmerson -

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the suggestion - a very delayed thanks! We'll definitely take a look into that!

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