Stripe, the new kid on the block

Written by Joe Holdcroft

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the development of this new merchant platform recently, and were really pleased when they finally announced international support after a beta period restricted to the US.

We’re about to launch our first client site using Stripe, which combines a payment gateway with merchant services - removing a significant headache for a large number of businesses.

Most payment providers allow very little flexibility in the way transactions can be carried out, leading to a less-than-perfect user experience at one of the most critical points on the user journey - right when the customer is handing over their money.

Stripe allows developers like us to build far more customised interfaces, reducing many of the pain points so typical of the e-commerce experience. With better control for our design and front-end development team we can make sure branding is properly maintained and any tiny moments of doubt removed from the user’s mind.

As ever, whether it’s right for a particular business depends on many things, not least of which are the fees, which can really add up. However, the fees look pretty competitive (2.4% plus 20p per successful transaction), but even if they weren’t, we believe the improvements in user experience are such that we’d expect fewer carts abandoned at checkout.

Stripe looks set to provide a great alternative and a much needed kick up the backside of the online payments industry. We’ll keep you posted after the next site launch.


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