TextPrefs readability survey results

Written by Jamie Freeman

Starting next week we will be releasing the results of our TextPrefs survey as a series of blog posts.

Each day we will post a section of the report, culminating in the conclusions on Friday which outlines an easy-to-remember reference for web designers. This introduces the concept of a 'Readable Zone', within which designers can feel confident that their site users will find the type easy to read.

Many thousands of people took part in the survey, and we are grateful to all those that did. The survey is now closed, but you can still try out the tools that we built at textprefs.com - they're actually pretty useful on their own for designers to visualise different font settings using actual browser renderings.

Even if the report - in which over five thousand people took part - confirms your own hunches regarding readability, TextPrefs will give you the ammunition you need to work effectively with clients, designers and developers.

See you next week :-)


  • Inge Janse -

    I'm interested to learn the result. Is there any rss feed to which I can subscribe?

  • Jamie Freeman -

    There is, although there's no direct link at present (Safari users can subscribe using the link in the address bar). Point your reader at feed://www.message.uk.com/rss/blog.xml for now and we'll add a link shortly.

  • Inge Janse -

    Thanks, got it!

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