Thomas Marchant

Lead Developer

My very first experiences with web development were making band websites in Geocities, back in the good old days. I’ve always loved the internet and feel lucky to have been part of the generation that grew up with it.

I started my career in web development working for a Kent-based company that built financial websites and data handling applications. While finance was never a field that I found particularly interesting, it provided a good environment to get to grips with coding in PHP, and understanding the the key concepts behind good code.

After deciding that I wanted a change of scenery, I applied for a job at Message. The idea of living by the sea and working in a field as varied as e-commerce put the spring in my step. Needless to say I got the job, and before long we started on our new platform, Mothership.

A year later I took on the role of lead developer, and oversaw open sourcing of Mothership. Working on the platform out in the open has been really fun, and it feels great to give something back to the PHP community.

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