Who we are

Message was founded in 1995, making us possibly the longest-running web design company in Brighton. That gives us a huge amount of experience to bring to bear on our projects, with the organisation and in-house skills that comes of being a mature company.

Our creativity and wider business experience allows us to really engage with our clients, helping to design not only their websites, but their fundamental business strategies too.

Everyone who works here has something special to bring to the team, and we have a culture that encourages people to contribute, regardless of role or position.

We have a great team of people whose talent and enthusiasm makes Message a really enjoyable place to work. Regular table tennis breaks keep the developers fresh and we eat more fruit than doughnuts these days.

What we are


With over 18 years in business we are organised, talented, quality- and process-driven, thorough, professional and creative.


We engage in meaningful ways with clients large and small, helping design their fundamental business strategies.


We create e-commerce systems, websites, intranets and bespoke web applications, all tailored to our clients individual needs.


Our websites and applications are beautiful, accessible, standards-compliant, social, findable, manageable, usable and effective.


Over 80% of our business comes through client recommendations. The rest comes from people who've seen our work.

Our core values

We build websites that are standards-compliant, usable, findable, accessible and quality-assured. Read more

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We'd love to talk to you about your web project, e-commerce, EPOS system or bespoke web application.

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