World Cup Sweepstakes

Written by Jamie Freeman

We decided to take part in the general excitement over the World Cup (or Coup Du Monde as I prefer to call it for some reason) and set up a sweepstake.

Danny is the only bona fide football fan at Message. Well, a Chelsea fan anyway. So he went through all the international teams with Chelsea players and eventually picked Ivory Coast (or Cote d'Ivoire as I prefer to call it for some reason) on the basis that Drogba may be fit enough to play and beat the world single-handed...

Talking of wildly misplaced optimism, I've plumped for England. Melita has chosen Brazil (or Brasil as I prefer to call it for some reason) and boldly predicts a final showdown against the Three Lions. She's like the John Motson of Message.

Joe did a lot of research before making his choice of Spain (he asked Danny) and Lara is just next door with Portugal. Adam remains undeclared at time of writing...

Hedge fund

We've got a second sweepstake running alongside, wherein we predict how far England will get in the competition. Naturally, I've gone for them reaching the final. I know. But I still remember Bobby Moore so I just can't help myself.


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